mercy aigbe domestic violence

mercy aigbe domestic violence

Mercy Aigbe had a tough year in 2017, which saw her make the headlines over domestic violence in her marriage to politician, Lanre Gentry.

Three years after, she has taken a look back on the event after she stumbled on some of the pictures on her gallery and she is using the medium to reach out to all victims of domestic violence.

Mercy took to her Instagram page to talk about her abuse and advise other people who are suffering the same to speak up. She wrote:

Stumbled on this pix in my photo gallery and it brought back memories ………….
I want to reach out to someone out there! You think your life has been decimated by scars. You find it hard to forgive yourself and others that have been part of the messes in your life! I have good news for you! Your messes will soon become a message! Your errors are gradually turning you into a hero! Your trials will soon become triumph! Your adversity is turning to your advancement! Your frustration will soon become your fuel and your scars will one day turn you into a star….. at some point in our lives we experience trials, tribulations, we become broken ( which is inevitable)…. but whether we will become stronger is not inevitable, It’s OUR CHOICE……..”Never be ashamed of your scars, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you “ …… In Retrospect 🙏

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